Melting Pot on Nostrand

Before our client starts construction in the vacant lot (foreground), I need to photo-document the conditions of the outside of the neighboring building and the interior walls of all the apartments bordering the site. I have been granted access to 16 apartments this morning and am waiting on five more after 3:00pm. Although the floorplanContinue reading “Melting Pot on Nostrand”

Another Man’s List

Another man’s list: impressed by wet boots into the pavement of a parking deck on a Tuesday. The author, by now, unseen and unknown, shuffled off the coil. His orders since discarded in the marching– a fleeting, transient monument to his duty. . The words are simple, cryptic, and pragmatic. They describe a morning errand,Continue reading “Another Man’s List”

Broome Street

The streetlight aspires to a small role on Broadway,And the traffic cop fancies that he was born king.The pigeons peck pennies and wish at the fountain,To trade their anxieties for songs they can sing.The taxi cab wishes that he was a tugboat,The dockbuilder whistles and dreams he’s a bird.While only the poet—and just for oneContinue reading “Broome Street”