Gray November

Like the first few flakes of snowOn the leaves of rusty brownAre the first gray hairs to showIn the beard beneath my frown.Snow is “early” in November,And I feel too young for gray—But then again I can’t remember What my face felt like clean shaved.One by one the flakes compoundAnd still Fall’s rustling with a hushWhileContinue reading “Gray November”

The Aster and the Goldenrod

I asked the crimson Sassafras For a mittened helping hand. “I must bring autumn home,” I said To the yellow Maidenhair. But the Sassafras just smiled and sighed That he had other plans. And that Ginkgo giggled down the lane And left my basket bare. … I hiked the blazing mountains ‘Neath the Maples’ ringContinue reading “The Aster and the Goldenrod”