Dump Trip Saturday

Dump Trip Saturday is sacred among Saturdays. It stands alone unto itself, unique and holy. Its rites and rituals are solitary and serene; their execution is communal (and clamorous!). . Dump Trip Saturday is always borne from Saturdays past: A pile of scraps after a completed project, appliances failed beyond repair, a neglected playhouse, aContinue reading “Dump Trip Saturday”

Another Man’s List

Another man’s list: impressed by wet boots into the pavement of a parking deck on a Tuesday. The author, by now, unseen and unknown, shuffled off the coil. His orders since discarded in the marching– a fleeting, transient monument to his duty. . The words are simple, cryptic, and pragmatic. They describe a morning errand,Continue reading “Another Man’s List”

The Liming of the Fields

The lime on the field is a promise fulfilled. It says, “I will restore what I have taken,” And, “I will replenish that which I have used.” The stockpiled minerals are reminders— Reminders of entropy, erosion, and diminishing returns— Reminders of the Fall. The farmer’s lime is an acquiescence, An acknowledgment that time is precious,Continue reading “The Liming of the Fields”

Down the Cellar This Morning

Suddenly, without warning, without precedent or prelude, On a dreary January morning, in the grey and lingering damp, It happened that Summer startled me— quite unannounced and unexpected. It shocked me, there in the cellar, sifting through cobwebs, extension cords, milk crates, and mesh bags of walnuts— the implements and incomplete aspirations of Saturdays past.Continue reading “Down the Cellar This Morning”

Ode to a Housewife’s Mixing Bowl

Appurtenance to a small appliance, Instrument of domestic industry. Kitchen companion of thirteen years, Caressed by thirteen thousand scars. She is more anvil than hammer, More mule than Muse. She is a basin, not a fountain, But from her arms are borne the cakes of joy, the bread of life, and the loaves of consolation.Continue reading “Ode to a Housewife’s Mixing Bowl”

A Few Things at the Hardware Store

Left at the registers   past Paint and Stains     to Aisle 6. Fastener type   Material     Screw type       Size and length         Head style           Drive type There it is—   the drawer,     the box,       the Stainless Steel         Bugle-Style           Philips Head             Coarse-Thread               #10 2-1/4”                 WoodContinue reading “A Few Things at the Hardware Store”