God Made a Clerk

“Hey, these meetings are fun—and the snacks are great. But, like, don’t you think it would be a good idea if someone wrote down what we do and say?”

And so God made a Clerk. 

“Yes, capital idea! He can write down everything—who was at the meeting, who was not at the meeting, the reasons they were not at the meeting, the time the meeting started, the time the meeting ended, and all the things we do, and say, and vote on in between!”

And so God made a Clerk. 

“No, not everything we do and say. Who wants to read an exact transcript of *everything* we say at these meetings? He should only chronicle the Important Things.“

And so God made a Clerk. 

“But how will this Adonis know which are the Important Things and which are the things that are just Discussion? Who by himself is equipped for such a task? Should we form a Committee?”

[Clerk’s note: No, kindly refer to the preceding paragraphs distributed electronically to the board for review. God has already created a Clerk.]

“Will we at least have a chance to review and criticize his work in a public manner at every meeting and/or following every distribution of his documents?“

So the Committee for the Review and Ratification of the Minutes was created. But the vote was not unanimous.

“This Clerk will have to be someone who cares about details.”

“He will have to be someone who has a way with words.”

“He will have to be someone who can sift through the meandering, nebulous ramblings of liberal arts majors and distill them into something concise, practical, and definitive.“

“And it won’t at all matter if he’s very handsome, because he will be hiding behind a laptop all meeting.”

And so God made a Clerk.

Respectfully submitted,

The Clerk

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