Another Man’s List

Another man’s list:

impressed by wet boots

into the pavement

of a parking deck

on a Tuesday.

The author,

by now,

unseen and unknown,

shuffled off the coil.

His orders

since discarded in the marching–

a fleeting, transient


to his duty.


The words are


cryptic, and


They describe

a morning errand,

a quick task,

a domestic

or professional


Maybe the writing is his,

but the words are

his wife’s,

his co-worker’s,

his master’s.

Here lies the record of

an act of kindness,

a fence mended,

or a bet lost,

a debt repaid.


We write out

on paper

that which we

do not trust

our mind

to hold.

Times, dates,




brands, names,

shapes, colors, and sizes.

Our lists remind us,

guide us,

and help us.

They pull us by the nose,

and they push us

to completion,

to fulfillment,

to the end of our days.

February 13, 2021

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