The Liming of the Fields

The lime on the field is a promise fulfilled.

It says, “I will restore what I have taken,”

And, “I will replenish that which I have used.”

The stockpiled minerals are reminders—

Reminders of entropy, erosion,

and diminishing returns—

Reminders of the Fall.

The farmer’s lime is an acquiescence,

An acknowledgment that time is precious,

That the cares of this life are real,

and demanding, and urgent.

We cannot wait–

It takes too long for balance to be restored organically.

We must accelerate that timeline,

even at a cost to ourselves.

The lime on the field is a many-splendored metaphor,

And a parable from the rural roadside.

Let us each be replenishing

that which we receive from others,

Even in offerings as simple as gratitude

Or lives well lived—

lives lived for others.

January 18, 2020

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